Kino Euphoria - view short films we've made


Kino Squat - weekend session 4-6 April 2014, Helsinki (register now)

International Kino Kabaret in Helsinki 11-20 July 2014 - register now, open until 15th May.



Here's a small showcase of some of the films we've made. Click to watch!

What is Kino Euphoria?

We're a part of the international Kino Movement. Kino is a movement created as a means of providing both amateur and professional filmmakers with a place to create and screen their short-films. Kino Kabaret is a type of innovative film-making lab where invited artists create films in a mindset of spontaneity and collaboration. The production method utilizes principles of non-competitive work to encourage co-creation.


At our Kino Euphoria events we get together to make films for one weekend or for even two weeks. In 2014 we'll be having 2 weekend sessions, and one 10-day International Kino Kabaret in Helsinki, which focuses on editing in film making.

For the Kino Euphoria events you can join us as a director, actor, DOP, editor, sound designer, musician, make up artist, scriptwriter, whatever you please! Fear not to try out new areas of filmmaking; Kino Euphoria is the place for all those cinematic experiments you haven't tried yet. The idea is that we'll help each other out while making the short films. When you're not engaged in your own passionate project during the sessions, you can help others.

Kino Euphoria promotes collaborative filmmaking. It's not a competition and not about battling against time.

Since 2010 we've produced already over 150 short films. Many of them you can watch online through our Vimeo group.